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Table Tent Mockup Gallery

Exploring the table tent mockup ideas can be a very interesting thing to do. You can make your own design based on these examples. The product usually is placed on the table counter as the informative space.

Thus, you should pick the right design that will match your workspace. It will create a nice impression with a chic layer on its desk. The designs are various.

From mainstream to unique, you can choose the best style that matches your personality. Here are several examples that you can see as the reference. Take a look and let’s grab some inspiration print.

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Awesome Table Tent Mockup Template Free Psd

table tent mockup template free psd psd graphicspsd
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This design looks simple with its chic appearance. It’s actually a minimalist design that can be easily folded. Nevertheless, you can still use this design for making a cheerful nuance on your desk.

The additional crease on its bottom side will make this tent more stable. It also has nice color graphics, which will bring an additional impression to your desk layer.

Select this style if you want to create a simple yet minimalist design with the proper flyer style. The graphic looks nice with an interesting color combination.

Table Tent Mockup Free Downloads

table tent mockup free mockup download
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If you want to create a clear tent design, then this one is a good choice. It has a plain color on its main appearance. The big text on the front side will create an interesting space for you to fill the text clearly.

The background looks natural enough. It also has a beautiful design with its simple layer. This can be an interesting option for making a different style for the flyer.

An additional accent on the inside will bring a professional look. It has a good balance between the black and white color.

Free Table Tent Mockup Templates

free table tent mockup mockuptree
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This table tent looks nice with the landscape position. It also uses a minimalistic appearance with its big font type. The combination between the white and black color is completed with the red accent on the corner.

This is a good template for making a nice stand on the desk. The informative text also has a large space on its bottom area. You can select this style for making an impressive layout for your desk.

The additional logo can be added for a good identity. It looks beautiful with a simple color appearance.

Table Tent Mock Up Design Clean

table tent mock up vol1 table tents tent design tent cards
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This table tent looks simple with the plain white color. You can easily put a sticky note on this flyer so you can remove and replace it whenever you want.

The design also looks mainstream. There are no additional creases on its bottom side. However, it still has nice stability with proper design.

This layout looks amazing with its chic appearance. It brings a unique design with proper quality.

Table Tent Card Mockup PSD Template Red and White

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The next Table Tent Mockup ideas look beautiful with the combination of the two colors. It also brings a modern look with a simple setup. This design brings a simple appearance with a great style.

The paper that used on this product is also thick enough. It’s a key for the flyer to stand properly on the desk. The combination of its color brings a modern and elegant impression.

Adding the text on this flyer is also recommended. It provides a unique design with a chic appearance. It creates a mesmerizing style with a unique impression.

Free Wood Table Menu Sign Display Tent Mockup Psd Template

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This design looks unique with the triangular stand on its bottom. The brown color has its wooden texture. It brings an exclusive look with a simple template. This design is a good choice for you who want to make a unique appearance on your desk.

The informative content on its center is completed with the photo illustration. It looks beautiful with a simple appearance.

The logo is also placed on the middle top of this flyer. It looks stunning with the beautiful design. This is a good solution for making an easy flyer that can be replaced easily by removing the triangular stand.

Free Table Tent Mockup Jessica Elle On Dribbble Plan

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This table tent looks different by using the triangular stand in portrait position. From this, you can see that this tent can have a different angle with different content.

This stand looks nice with its unique appearance. It also brings mesmerizing design with its unique layout.

Creating an impressive design will make a different style. It’s suitable for making a menu using this template.

Table Tent Projects Photos Videos Logos Illustrations Free

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This design can be one of the unique Table Tent Mockup ideas to try. It looks nice with a simple accent. The transparent layer on its appearance brings an exclusive design to its main appearance. It also provides a plastic stand on its bottom.

The black stand looks elegant with modern nuance. It also has a simple color combination by using the white frame with a transparent panel. This will make a premium impression on the desk.

This design brings a catchy appearance with its simple setup. It has a nice appearance with an anti-mainstream style.

Triangle Table Tent Mockup Design

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This design is similar to the previous one. It has a smaller size, which will make this tent looks compact enough. It also has a simple white color appearance that really interesting to see.

Again, the benefit of the triangular design is about the space that can be used for its informative panel. You can put the different content on each side. This design will be a good choice for the menu.

It looks nice with its impressive appearance. The font with the black color is recommended if you use the white color as the main background. It looks interesting with its impressive design Source Credit

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