paperback book mockup psd best free mockups

Paperback Book Mockup ideas

It’s a good thing for making an eye-catching book design. Customizing these covers are also easy enough. You can make it the new inspiration for the book cover. Moreover, it provides a nice design and theme for the book style.

These Paperback Book Mockup ideas are interesting designs that you can use as the reference for making a stunning cover. It looks nice with a simple appearance. The combination of its various color and design brings a unique look with a simple setup.

The designs are casual with their stunning appearance. Here are some awesome examples. You can select the design based on your favorite.

Free Paperback Book Mockup PSD Template Collection

Free Soft Cover Book Mockup Free Mockup

free soft cover book mockup free mockup
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The first Paperback Book Mockup ideas are this stunning green cover with its thick paper material. It looks shiny with soft surface material. You can select this book for making a formal cover with an informative design.

A simple illustration might necessary to put on the middle of the book cover. It looks nice with the bright white color backdrop. The green color accent on the bottom is also providing a nice color balancer with a simple layout.

It’s a good choice for you who want to create a stunning book design in such a minimalist way. This book also brings a unique design with a fresh appearance.

The ideas you Bus Shelter


Standing Hardcover Book Mockup Dust Jacket Best Free Mockups

standing hardcover book mockup dust jacket best free mockups
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Pink with an abstract graphic, that is the best way to describe this book. This design looks modern with a soft color theme. It also uses a beige appearance as the backdrop.

The font type of this book is formal enough. It brings a beautiful impression with a professional look on its book. You also can see some of the texts are printed on the side of the book.

This is a good idea to create a paper cover with a nice layer like this. The typography is also beautiful enough without losing its beautiful impression.


Free Paperback Book Mockup PSD Good Mockups

free paperback book mockup psd good mockups
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If you prefer to get a simple book cover, then this one can be a good option. It looks nice with a single color design. The font appearance also looks formal.

This book has a nice cover. You can select it as the main concept for the professional book like a module. Of course, the font color needs to get a bright contrast.

For example, if the background of the cover is using dark blue, then the white font is a must. It creates a minimalist look with an eye-catching design.


6 X 9 Book Mockup With Front And Back Cover

6 x 9 paperback book mockup with front and back cover
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The cover book with a different font and back color will create a stunning appearance. It looks nice with the combination of the black and purple color.

The font appearance looks big with the clear type. It also uses the white color as the contrast on the font. It makes the texts are easy to read.

If you want to put some additional graphics on this book cover, remember that you can use a simple logo style. It will keep the minimalist book design with a proper appearance. It creates a stunning book layout with a beautiful appearance.


Softcover Paperback Books Psd Mockup Psd Mockups

softcover paperback books psd mockup psd mockups
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The yellow color is representing a cheerful appearance. Sometimes, as in the formal book, the yellow color can be used as the main theme. This is must be one of the anti-mainstream Paperback Book Mockup ideas that uses yellow as the main color.

The text is using a black color, which is actually nice for making a high contrast. It’s easy to read and will attract people to get in touch with the book.

This book looks minimalist with a compact size. The cover looks simple without any other graphic appearance.


Paperback Book Mockup Psd Best Free Mockups

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This book design looks calm by using a teal theme. It also has a simple appearance with its chic layout. For you who want to create a minimalist cover, then you can select this one as an option.

It also uses a minimalist design on its page content. It looks beautiful with the simple layout of the article. This design will create a new enhancement to your product.

For a more beautiful design, you also can make a minimalist appearance on the illustration. A flat design will bring a unique book design with its stunning impression.


5 X 8 Front Back Cover Paperback Mockup Covervault

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The next Paperback Book Mockup ideas are unique by using the compact size. It also has a blue color with a simple logo style on the front of its side.

This cover is a good recommendation for those who want to make a book in a professional look. It also uses sans serif font type, which is representing the modern nuance.

The cover material is also thick enough. It has good durability with a mesmerizing appearance. Try to use the same design for making a nice cover for your book.


Softcover Book Mockup Psd On Behance

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Instead of using a plain color, it’s better to put more stunning illustrations on your book. This cover looks minimalist enough by using a soft color design. It looks pink with a simple logo using the black color.

This design is also enhanced with the white color accent on its top. You can select this book design for making a unique appearance for your book. It creates a mesmerizing layout with a simple appearance.

This book also has thick paper. It uses a soft texture on the cover, which also brings a premium impression.


Free Paperback Book PSD Set 8 Renders Good Mockups

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For a more mysterious appearance, a black cover design is an optional choice to pick. This book looks nice by using full black color. It has a nice cover design with a white font color.

It also uses a white page on its content with its unique article. You can select this book design for making a new product catalog.

Nevertheless, it still can be a good module with an impressive content layout. The book looks awesome with its minimalist design.


Paperback Book Mockup Psd Templates Graphicsfuel

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The larger font on the cover, the better. It’s recommended for you to put a larger font type on the cover.

The bright orange color also brings an eye-catching appearance to the cover. It looks professional with a minimalist appearance.

This book has a nice impression. You can get more Paperback Book by continue exploring these styles Source Credit

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